Annual Accounting

Annual accounting helps business owners to understand the financial performance of their business over a period of time, usually twelve months.

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Why is annual accounting important?

If you are in business you are required to file your annual accounts and tax return every year with HMRC. In addition to this, if you are working through a limited company, you also have to file annual accounts with Companies House.

We understand if you are in business time is the scarcest of all resources. Helping to free up a business owner’s time so that they can concentrate on growing their business is a core part of our service. We do this by taking care of the accounting and taxation functions for them.

What makes us different as accountants

We also monitor a client’s business and look to make recommendations to improve their business. These could include tax efficiency suggestions, advice on how to keep better records and what you can and can’t claim for.

You can use as much of our accounting services as you like – some clients like to do their own bookkeeping, whilst others detest it! We are as much your business partner as your accountant and like you, we too are a business owner – so we perfectly understand the challenges involved.

Annual accounting for sole traders

"Let us help you manage your business more effectively, so that you can take it to new heights" - Fernhill Accountants

Judy Dean Fernhill Accountants

Why choose us to manage your annual accounts?

We have extensive experience working with owner managed businesses in Farnborough and across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. To discuss the accountancy service that is best suited to your circumstances, please call us on 01252 409477 or send us a message.

Saves you time, leaving you free to work on your own business

Takes the stress away of getting things right

Dealing with HMRC on your behalf as your Agent

Help you to legally save tax

Accounts and Tax Returns filed on time

Prevent you from receiving hefty fines and penalties

Flexible bookkeeping options

Paperless expense and receipt processing system

Management Reporting using Xero giving you access to information anytime/anywhere

"We always ensure that our clients' annual accounts are managed efficiently, and that we respond promptly to their enquiries. " - Fernhill Accountants

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