Are you considering setting up a social enterprise? Or would you would like to know more about Community Interest Companies? CICs are a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private investors.

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What are the legal requirements for  Community Interest Companies (CICs)?

When you are in business working through a CIC the same rules apply as for a limited company but with more legal requirements. To set up a CIC you need a ‘community interest statement’ to explain what your business is planning to do. You also need to have an ‘asset lock’ which is a legal promise that the company’s assets will only be used for its social objectives, and setting limits to the money that can be paid to shareholders. The company also needs a specific constitution and be approved by the Community Interest Company Regulator.

Additional reporting for CICs

There is more involved when setting up a CIC than for a limited Company.

In addition to the usual limited company statutory requirements the company will also have to file a Community Interest Company Report annually with the company accounts to Companies House.

We have a lot of experience working closely with CICs, and are always happy to assist with their statutory requirements.

See our Limited Companies Service for our statutory accounts, taxation and bookkeeping solutions.

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"we can take away the stress and let you get on with what you do best".

Why work with us?

One of our first clients was a Community Interest Company, so we know a great deal about them. Since we started we have introduced a number of our social enterprise clients together, so that they can share their knowledge and expertise. We have CIC clients throughout Berkshire and Surrey.
Experience of working with CICs
Frees up your time
Peace of mind regarding statutory obligations
Accounts, Tax Returns and CIC report filed on time with Companies House and HMRC
Prevent you from receiving hefty fines and penalties
Help you to legally save tax
Dealing with HMRC on your behalf
Flexible bookkeeping options
Paperless expense and receipt processing system
Management Reporting using Xero giving you access to information anytime/anywhere
"One of the best things about our job is working with clients who want to give something back to the local community, rather than just having commercial objectives". - Fernhill Accountants.
Thank you,
Fernhill Accountants, for keeping me sane!
"Judy is  very approachable, with her attention to detail and personal service."

Judy is  very approachable, with her attention to detail and personal service. Thank you, Fernhill Accountants, for keeping me sane by taking away all of my worries over the accounts!

Pauline Robertson, Frimhurst Enterprises CIC

Community Interest Companies Client

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